Taking good care of the teeth every day, it’s very important and hygienic too. Most people think that brushing of teeth every day is enough not knowing there is much needed to take good care of your teeth. Many people don’t even bother visiting a dentist, until its time when then teeth start to ache or bleeding of the gums. Routine dental care will help you avoid infections which may lead to tooth loss which might cost you for treatment such as dental implants. Routine dental care is not only helpful to the teeth problems only but also to the people living with kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease.  The following are the disease which may make you know the importance of routine dental care.

Kidney disease        

People that suffer from chronic kidney disease are most likely to be affected where poor dental care is concerned .This is because of the systemic effects of conditions like hardening and narrowing of the arteries,  inflammation, protein- energy wasting and infections. Routine dental care for people with kidney disease helps them handle infections and bacteria. Examples of chronic bacterial infections include gum disease and oral cavities and can cause bad breath.


People living with diabetes also are at a great risk when it comes to the routine dental care. Your mouth contains many different types of bacteria. These bacteria interact with sugars and starches found in foods and beverages causing a sticky film on your teeth which is called plaque. The plaque contains an acid that attacks the enamel and this can lead to gum disease and cavities. That is what is referred to as tooth decay. When your blood sugar level is higher the more chances of getting high supply of starches and sugars hence more acid leading to wearing off of your teeth. This is where the importance of routine dental care comes in

People living with diabetes, periodontitis is more severe and slows healing due to inability to resist infection. Periodontitis also raises your blood sugar level, making it difficult to control.

People having diabetes may develop thrush. This is a fungal infection caused by Candida albicans. Thrush causes painful red or which patches in your mouth. Routine dental care can prevent such kind of problems.                        

Heart disease

Gum contains blood vessels and is likely to be infected with bacteria, which can cause gingivitis and periodontitis. The bacteria can also travel to blood vessels in other parts of the body causing blood vessel inflammation and damage. Tiny blood clots may occur hence heart attack leading to stroke.

Finally, we get to know the importance of routine dental care by ensuring that ,at all times we should take good care of our teeth by visiting the dentist  often  as it might bring some other health problems spread by the lack of good dental care.

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