Electric fence in particular is the application of current electricity in fencing. Poles are erected, electric conductor wires are connected to the poles and electricity is then connected to the wires to act as a fence. The electric fence uses for agriculture has proved to be very beneficial especially in the cattle, pig, goat, and sheep production sectors. It has also led to security on farms since none wants to risk his or her life to illegally get into another person’s firm for an unknown motive.

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To understand more about the electric fence uses for agriculture, I am succinctly going to cover the advantages, disadvantages and how it promotes agricultural production among the farmers and their various enterprises.

Advantages of Electric Fence

These are some of the benefits that accrue to a farmer who adopts this method of fencing as compared to the rest. Some of the noted benefits of electric fence uses for agriculture are;

  • It is a quick and cheaper fencing method.

Since the electric current is the main barrier used, there is no need for heavy materials to act as a barrier. This leads to the low labour required in erecting the fence that only requires a few posts and wires.

  • Durable 

This type of fence lasts for several years, this is because once an animal is trained, it will not go near the fence line therefore the fence is always stable and stay for a longer time without disturbance.

  • Controls a variety of animals

This psychological barrier is effective for several animals and is not limited to cows, sheep and pigs. The once sharp and short electric shock will always tame the animals in case of their urge to get out of the caged region.

 The Limitations of the Fencing Method

However much the fence appears to be the farmers’ saviour, it has some challenges. They include;

  • It only works in the presence of electricity.

This is an electric appliance-like fence hence it is functionless in the absence of power. This makes the electric fence uses for agriculture to be unreliable.

  • Regular checking and Maintainance.

A farmer who uses this fence must continuously check and repair the damaged parts of the fence to avoid accidents that may be experienced.

The Benefits that Accrue as a Result of Using an Electric Fence

As a farmer, erecting this kind of fence will result in the following,

  1. Improved yield per unit area since there is proper utilization of available resources.
  2. Saving on security costs.
  3. Reduction of labour costs hence higher profits obtained per enterprise.

To conclude, the electric fence has both advantages and disadvantages in almost an equal measure. In making decisions on the type of fence to apply, you first need to take into consideration the type of enterprise you possess. A farmer always aims at maximizing the profit hence checking on the costs and durability of a farm structure before making a concrete decision is a matter of great importance.

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