New dental technology

The dentistry sector is constantly evolving day in day out and changing for the better. This has been caused by the advancements in technology, which leads to better and effective services. In case you have stayed for long without visiting a dentist, you will be surprised by the new technological advancements that have rocked the sector. These advancements offer modern solutions to the traditional dental issues. Many of the dentists have incorporated the new technology to their businesses because of the customer satisfaction that they offer. Below are some of the new dental technologies that have been embraced in the dentistry world.


The diagnodent is a new advancement of the examination process of the dental formula. Its helps in easier detection of Cavity Its portability is one of its main strongpoints. It uses the sound pulses and laser technology in detecting cavities, which makes the process easier, faster, and effective. This device is highly useful in places where the x-rays may not see the cavities. Its high accuracy makes it stand out among the best dental technological advancements.

Air abrasion

The air abrasion is the advanced dental drill. Its main purpose is to treat cavities but is also used in repairing old tooth restorations. In addition, the device is used to remove ant superficial stains on the teeth. It is therefore very useful in the dental sector. The device works by spraying a mixture of air and aluminum oxide to the affected area of the tooth. This enabled the particles of the decayed tooth to be removed and then sunctioned through the tin tube. The air abrasive is different from the dental drill in that it produces no heat, vibration, or pressure.

Dental microscope

The dental microscope enables dentists to see the micro-cracks on the teeth surface. In addition, it helps the dentist is seeing the weak points of the tooth as well as how near the dental nerves are, this therefore ensures that he or she accurately corrects the problem. It is therefore a very important tool in the calendar and normal day of the dentist. The dental microscope has been improved in order to diagnose correctly the underlying dental problems.

Composite material

The composite materials are day in day out being improved and made better in order to replicate teeth. They are among the favorite teeth materials in that they can be made to completely resemble the teeth even with the color something which gold or aluminum cant. They are therefore the most used teeth restoration items. They are therefore very effective in making it possible to fill in the gaping cavities in case of tooth loss.

These new dental technologies have been used to improve the dental sector not to kill it by Dentist Abbotsford BC