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If you have made a decision to install hardwood flooring, you will need to select the best wood and also have it installed correctly. There are many factors which will determine the kind of hardwood flooring that your home is going to accommodate. Take your time to ensure you get something that will look best in your house together with the planned furnishings as well as décor.

Some basic woods include solid as well as engineered ones. These are some of the best hardwood flooring choices in the market. The solid wood type is one that people will think of regarding hardwood flooring. For the engineered wood type, this one is made of veneer layer which will sit on top of a core made of plywood.

Installation of hardwood flooring on the second story of a building is very different from that of doing it in a basement. This is why knowing where the wood will be going is important since it will limit the number of recommended options of wood, click here for hardwood flooring

Floors which are beneath the ground level are known to be below grade. Those who are above this level are known as above grade. For instance, you are not supposed to install wood below grade; then you will need to be careful. This is because moisture coming up from the ground will cause problems with your wood flooring.

Check out the kind of sub-flooring that you have in your home. The most common of these subfloors include concrete slab, particleboard as well as plywood. This is a factor which will help you to determine whether you are going to use solid wood floors or if engineered types are much better.  

If you have a concrete slab flooring in your home, you will be much limited to using engineered wood. However, this is not a limitation for you since there are other formats you can go for. The thickness for this type varies a lot. You also have another option of installing plywood over the concrete slab.

This is one of the most common hardwood that is very popular with people. It is one which allows most versatility regarding hardwood floors. You can decide to use engineered wood or on nail solid wood on top of these.
This is one of the materials that was very common early in the 1970s. People used it under the carpet. It is a cheaper version of the plywood. For those who have hardwood floors, you’ll need to replace the particleboard with plywood. Afterward, get solid or engineered wood to add on top.

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