Well, you may not spend as much time on your roof to note when the roof is damaged till you start seeing leaks or losing shingles. Learning to spot when one needs a new roof is very important since it will help you fix the problem before your home is seriously damaged. Get to the roof of your house to check for damaged flashing. This will be present when a new roof is not installed properly. It can also happen if an older roof begins to dry and crack or even when the structure of the home begins to settle.

Step number two, inspect the roof for missing shingles. The Shingles could fly off of your roof if they were not fastened properly by the MW Roofing estimate that did the installation. However, the most common cause of this type of damage can be from a very strong wind storm that blows some of the shingles off. If you see the curling on your roof then you know it’s simply getting old.

When water is absorbed into the wood, the edges start to curl away from the surface of your roof allowing leaks and also increases the chances of the shingles to fly off during wind storms.

If you are located in a humid or warm climate, check for the algae growth on the roof. Some airborne algae can be blown and attached to your roof causing them to grow once more. This can lead to rotting and other problems down the road. If you note that your shingles have granules, always make sure that most of them are not missing. Some might seem to be loose, but preferably on an older roof, large patches of missing granules is a cause for concern and a high sign showing you that you may need to consider a replacement for your roof or for more info Buckling is not necessarily a sign of aging, but a potential problem. Movement of the deck or even an improperly fixed roof can be the cause of buckling.

Blistering noted on the roof means that there is moisture in the shingle. This occurs when the ventilation under the roof is inadequate. You may be able to do the repairs if the damages are not yet severe by improving the ventilation. In homes having organic-based shingles, rotting is a very close problem to the owners. This only occurs when the mat absorbs moisture and eventually decaying the organically created shingles. This will require immediate attention before holes occur and you find yourself in a leaking house.

If any of the above problems are spotted, and you are unsure on ways of dealing with them, contact a roofing company. Well not all the problems require a full roof replacement,