Cheese paper is a type of paper coated with wax and polyethylene that prevents the cheese from going bad by protecting it from moisture while allowing the cheese enough room to breathe. This type of paper usually comes from the cheesemonger or specialized dairy shops. Storing cheese should not be a problem as long as you use the cheese paper well and are careful handling. The Formaticum cheese wrapping paper depends on the cheese you want to keep.

Hard aged cheeses

These are cheeses curded and heated to a temperature as high as 50┬░c to maximize moisture removal and left to sit for about 6 to 36 months. They are usually concentrated in flavor and hard in texture. Storing these cheeses doesn’t need much care to the moisture content as they’re typically dry. To use cheese paper to store these cheeses, wrap the cheese all around with the cheese paper, then seal tightly with tape: store Parmigiano, pecorino, and cheddar cheeses in this manner.

Soft cheese

When storing soft types of cheese, one needs to be mindful of the moisture and air content of the cheese in question. Soft cheese becomes too moist and watery when left alone. The best way to store cheese with cheese paper is by wrapping the cheese paper around the soft cheese. The paper prevents too much moisture loss and lets the cheese breathe. Kinds of cheese that should be stored in this manner include brie, ricotta, feta, and cream cheese.

Blue cheese

This type of cheese is marked with greenish-blue veins that are types of mold. This cheese is usually delicate and can cause food poisoning if spoiled. Proper storage of blue cheese is paramount. The best way to store cheese using cheese paper for blue cheeses is to wrap the cheese paper around it, then keep the blue cheese in the refrigerator for about three to four weeks. The types of cheese to store in this manner include the French Roquefort, the Italian gorgonzola, English stilton, and Spanish cabrales.


 Storing cheese can be appropriately done in many ways. Refrigeration, the use of parchments, and cheese paper are just a few of these ways. Among all these storage standards have their optimum ways to store cheese; the best way to keep cheese using cheese paper, for example, is to wrap the piece around the cheese and seal it.