It is every woman’s goal to have an amazing body. This has made women opt for plastic surgeries that will achieve this desire. This article gives a complete overview on Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery new york city lipo

A Brazilian butt lift is a kind of plastic surgery that involves transfer of fat from a part of your body to your backside so as to make it more full and firm. The procedure has to go through certain steps in order to get an effective result.  


The first procedure is giving the patient anesthesia. Every type of surgery actually requires an anesthesia and it is no different for the Brazilian butt lift. In cases where the transfer involves a small amount of fat a local anesthesia is administered which only numbs a person rather than putting one to sleep. For the patients who experience nausea due to the effect of the anesthesia they may get the anti-nausea medication. 

After the anesthesia has taken effect the surgeon goes ahead and uses a process called liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the patient’s body. This process involves making incisions in the skin and using a tube to remove fat from the body.  

The areas where the fat can be removed include hips, the stomach and the thighs.  

This fat is then purified and made ready for injection into a person’s buttocks. 

After the purified fat is ready the surgeon will make incisions into specific areas of the buttocks so as to make it full and round. After this is done the incision parts of the liposuction and the fat transfer are closed up with stitches. Compression garment is then applied against the affected areas of the skin so as to minimize the bleeding. 


This procedure is more beneficial to other forms of surgery which involves implants. The surgery makes one’s buttocks to be full and round making it look more natural. One does not have to worry about the sagging of the buttocks due to old age as it will always be firm. For people with body imbalances this surgery is beneficial since it could now boost confidence and dress in whichever way you want.  

As opposed to other forms of surgery that include implants this type of surgery has a lower risk of infections. This is because it is done by professional surgeons who have gone through medical school and know what they are doing. This is opposed to the implants where it could be easily done by quacks posing as medics hence creating side effects. 

Side effects 

Just like everything else this surgery also has its disadvantages that comes in the form of side effects. When this procedure is done incorrectly, the injected fact may enter the large veins in a person’s buttocks and travel to the lungs. This effect may cause respiratory problems and a person may ultimately succumb to it.  

Your body may also fail to take up grafted fat stores. The fat injected may be broken down and absorbed by the body. This leads to one getting additional procedures. For the minimization of this risk the surgeon may opt to inject additional fat during the first procedure. 

The procedure may be expensive but it is considered to be worth it. Other methods may be cheap but have irreparable damage. One should do a thorough research before doing any form of surgery on his buttocks. This procedure requires time to heal properly.  

The bottom line is before performing the Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery one has to make sure the surgeon shows pictures of the before and after of this surgery. He must also inform the person of the risks that come with the surgery.